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Patented X-and-O Leg Adjustment


Prevents misalignment

As the world's only product in the segment of Cross Skates / Nordic Skates, every skike provides the possibility to adjust the position of the legs for an optimal use. The adjustment of the position of the legs gives additional safety, avoids misalignment and provides the user with a much greater riding pleasure. Thus, movements are easier and reduces the strain. The sophisticated design allows for easy adjustment and correction, even with already strapped skikes.




Ride the skike with your own shoes

From the very beginning that has been the main advantage of a skike: you can ride your skikes with the shoes you already have, you can lend your skikes to family members or friends - everybody can use them without thinking about shoe sizes. Moreover, expensive special shoes or sports equipment depending on shoe sizes are not necessary. It never changed: skikes can be used with any decent sports or leisure shoe. The slimmer the shoe, the more fine-tuning is possible.


Patented Brake System


Braking effect of about 6.5m/sec ²

The super safe calf brake system is patented by skike. Often copied but still unequaled, it has a braking strength of about 6m/sec ². Any skike brake shoes, whether brass, aluminum or aluminum black, provide the greatest possible safety in the field and on the road. Simple but incredibly effective. With a few simple and easy steps, the braking strength can be adjusted for short and rapid braking as well as for more clearance before the brake grips. Adjustable for every one according to your ability and desire. All skikes are equipped on both sides with this brake system.

Adjustable wheelbase


Different front wheel positions

A simple change of the front wheel position changes the wheelbase. Thereby it brings different shoe sizes and shoe styles in the correct position for an optimal riding pleasure. The skike range covers shoe sizes from 6 to 15 (EU 38 - 51), depending on shoe style and device).


Material and Construction


Light and powerful

All frame and outrigger units are made of special aluminum. On the basis of conventional 6061 aluminum material, the quality was achieved using conventional "aircraft aluminum" that has  been enhanced significantly by a special process developed by skike, with special surface finish and additional T4 curing. By specific arrangement of the production processes, a stress-and crack-free finish is obtained. This special process can absorb above-average loads permanently. This unique construction ensures minimal weight and a safe and worry-free use with unrestricted riding pleasure.




TÜV approved up to 264lb body weight

Skike has carried out a GS certification for all models on a voluntary basis. Skike received a German TÜV license up to 264lb (120 kg body weight) that exceeds the German standard by 20%. The examination includes a detailed monitoring of all materials, even the plastics, colors and their environmental impacts.


Belts and Pads


Soft but strong bindings

The soft and smooth straps on the calf and foot, made of highly elastic, enormous tensile strength nylon material, guarantee a perfect fit of every shoe on the skike. Compared to ratchet belt systems, the belts are characterized by less pressure marks and less weight. The step-less adjustability provides safety and adaptation to almost any shoe shape and size. It is crafted from the highest quality nylon material -Universal Pad- and ensures pleasant wearing comfort in the calf area and can additionally be used at the foot straps to increase the wearing comfort.

High Tech Heel Lift System


Just unique...

The patented skike "LIFT" series offers another unique technology. With this technique, it is also possible to perfectly exert  cross-country skating technique without a classic cross-country ski binding.