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v07 PLUS

The Legendary Skater

No matter if you are still a beginner, intermediate, or advanced in Nordic Skating, the skike v07 PLUS will exceed your expectations by providing exceptional handling and a firm comfortable fit.  This all-round skate is easy to maintain and looks great too in matte Black & Orange.


The Off-road Experience

The design and smoothness of the new skike v7 FIX CROSS is unrivaled. The feeling of this Nordic skate is the closest you can get to real cross-country skiing. With its oversize wheels, the skike v7 FIX CROSS is equipped for the most difficult alpine off-roading, dirt road, grass or any other terrain you can throw at it.



Fast, Faster, V8 SPEED!

The SPEED version of the v8 LIFT is the world´s first and only Cross skate with PU wheels that can be used with or without poles. Despite having over a 1.5" longer wheelbase, this model is the lightest of all the Skike models.The v8 LIFT SPEED – fitness and endurance, training and fun!


The Ultimate Off-Road!

The Skike v8 LIFT CROSS 2R combines both a new LIFT mechanism, with oversized wheel with reverse locks. Thanks to the combination of LIFT and reverse locks, the new v8 LIFT CROSS 2R is prepared for the most difficult alpine climbs.