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Super rigid, telescopic, high tech carbon and fiberglass poles


Skike has 2 models for poles:

- One4ALL: telescoping poles, 30% carbon

- One4TOUR: super rigid, traveler size (in 3 pieces), 100% carbon - idea for traveling

One4ALL Skike High Tech Carbon Poles - Adjustable (45-63 Inch) - highly rigid.

One4TOUR: super rigid, traveler size (in 3 pieces), 100% carbon - ideal for traveling.

A perfect addition to your Nordic equipment.


Skike poles are made with carbon fiber material reinforced with fiberglass. Fitted with multi function straps, professional tips and rubber pads for use on paved grounds, the poles are suitable for use in different terrains.

High Technology

High quality carbon (30% or 100%) associated with fiberglass by "Taper Rolling Technology". The shafts are characterized, thanks to the carbon content, by a great stiffness. With shaft diameters from 14mm (upper shaft) and 17mm (lower shaft), a balance and an ideal oscillating performance is achieved. With Ø weight of 80g / m, these are the lightest poles in the market.