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v07 PLUS

The Legendary Off-Road Skates

Ideal for both beginners and advanced skaters

No matter if you are still a beginner, intermediate, or advanced in Nordic Skating, the skike v07 PLUS will exceed your expectations by providing exceptional handling and a firm comfortable fit.  This all-round skate is easy to maintain and looks great too in matte Black & Orange.

A newly designed frame provides more stability and safeness as well as new middle stiffening made of fiber-reinforced plastic. An adjustable heel belt enables customized adjustment of each foot size. Quality safety belts and soft pads provide a convenient step into the Skike as well as a secure hold and improved wearing comfort.

The skike v07 PLUS comes equipped as standard with automatic alignment of front- and rear wheels, new ankle joint bearings with enhanced sliding quality and improved shape of the 2-piece brake to contact even better with the skike wheel.

Each ski has a built-in emergency brake and adjusts to a wide range of shoe sizes - up to a men's 15.
The standard configuration has medium-speed inflatable tires for a safe and comfortable air-cushioned ride.

the new V07 Plus features the field-proven Velcro strap bindings that have helped to make Skikes the top-selling roller skis in the world. New platform design eliminates the need for heel cup adjustment. Just step on your v07 Plus and go!

Product description


No matter if you are still a beginner in Nordic Skating or already an advanced Cross Skater, the v07 PLUS will meet your expectations by providing a convenient handling and a nice and safe wearing-comfort. This all-rounder is very easy to maintain with its cool and fancy matt black & orange color design. 

The v07 PLUS has a newly designed lightweight aluminum frame for more stability as well as new middle stiffening made of fiber-reinforced plastic. An adjustable heel belt enables customized adjustment for each foot size.

The Skike v07 PLUS comes standard equipped with Road-Star tires (with reinforced casing, up to 7.5 Bar), automatic alignment of front and rear wheels, new ankle joint bearings with an enhanced sliding quality and improved triggers with a 2-piece brake. Serial number + RFID card for product verification. Weight: app. 2,2 pound per Skike, shoe sizes 5.5 to 14 (US size) / 36 to 47 (EU,DE).

Content: 1 Pair of Skike v7 PLUS, 1 manual, 2 wrenches



Every Skike offers the option to adjust the position of the legs for an optimal use. The adjustment of the position of the legs provides additional safety, and facilitates the movements and reduces the strain. The sophisticated design allows for easy adjustment and correction, even with already strapped Skikes.

The calf brake system -patented by Skike- has a braking effect of about 6.5m/sec.

The soft and smooth straps on the calf and foot, made f highly elastic and high strength nylon material, guarantee a perfect fit of every shoe on the Skike.

Construction: all frame units are made of special aluminum. Using conventional 6061 aluminum material, a special aluminum was achieved by using a process, developed by Skike, resulting in significantly enhanced "aircraft aluminum". This unique construction ensures minimal weight and high strength.

Wheels: the 6.25 inch 5 hole rim of highly durable plastic is the core of the wheel. Skike uses a standard tube and the proven Road-Star tire. Spill-resistant ball bearings, with conical bushings, guarantee absolute light running and permanent use.

Technical Details

• No special shoes are necessary

• Automatic wheel alignment

• Aluminum light weight material 4.4 pound per Skike

• Certified lag time of brakes - over 6,5 m/s

• Puncture proof air tires w/tubes, convenient for ankles, no hard impacts

• Ratchet belt system w/ buckle plate

• Serial mudguards front, rear and heel.