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The design and smoothness of the new skike v7 CROSS is unrivaled. The feeling of this Nordic Skate is the closest you can get to real cross-country skiing. The skike v7 CROSS is equipped for the most difficult alpine off-road, dirt road, grass or any other terrain you can throw at it.


Based on the proven high tech v7 PLUS frame and equipped with updated components such as ABEG5 6901 2RS industrial quality wheel bearings, improved brake shoes and velcro belts, which are fixed at the end with a stopper so that no extra-threading is needed. High quality improved quick release mechanisms on wheels, calf and brake adjustments ensure a stronger hold.

The new Skike v7 FIX CROSS makes Nordic Skating a fun sport. Oversize wheels, new rims and stronger straps make the v7 FIX CROSS specially designed for off-road cross-country skating.


Know-how and experiences collected by Skikers and designers over years were incorporated into this CROSS model. Every detail makes this CROSS skate a perfectly tuned high-end sports equipment. The v7 FIX CROSS -based on the proven v7 PLUS frame- is specifically equipped with new components such as a new rim, an oversize wheel and stronger belts, fixed at the end with a stopper so that no extra-threading is needed. Convenient quick releases can now be found at the brake and at calf molds too. High quality, improved clamping elements ensure a stronger hold.



Every Skike offers the option to adjust the position of the legs for an optimal use. The adjustment of the position of the legs provides additional safety, and facilitates the movements and reduces the strain. The sophisticated design allows for easy adjustment and correction, even with already strapped Skikes.

The calf brake system -patented by Skike- has a braking effect of about 6.5m/sec.

The soft and smooth straps on the calf and foot, made f highly elastic and high strength nylon material, guarantee a perfect fit of every shoe on the Skike.

Construction: all frame units are made of special aluminum. Using conventional 6061 aluminum material, a special aluminium was achieved by using a process, developed by Skike, resulting in significantly enhanced "aircraft aluminum". This unique construction ensures minimal weight and high strength.

Road Star wheels: the new rim of highly durable plastic is the core of this special wheel: higher accuracy of fit of bearings, wheel axle clamp and, if wanted, a new reverse lock system with double locking performance. Damages caused by false positioning, are also a thing of the past. Splash proof ball bearings, 6901 2RS, industrial quality with cylindrical bearing bushes guarantee absolute light-run with durable use.

Technical Details

• Mobile with leisure, tennis or outdoor shoes
• shoe sizes 5.5 to 14 (US) and 36 to 47 (EU,DE), adjustable heel strap
• Wheel diameter : 150 mm
• Bearings: ABEG5 6901 2RS in industrial quality
• Wheelbase : 500mm
• Weight : about 4.4 lb. per Skike
• Light weight aluminum 2-piece frame
• Adjustable patented X / O leg compensation
• Effective patented brakes on both Skikes
• Officially confirmed deceleration values of more than 6.5 m/s²
• German TÜV approved until 265lb body weight