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The Ultimate! This is a LIFT model on steroid!


The Only  Off-Road, with LIFT experience and Reverse Locks - Nordic Skates with oversized Wheels and LIFT system.


The skike v8 LIFT CROSS 2R combines both a new LIFT mechanism, with oversized wheel with reverse locks. Thanks to the combination of LIFT and reverse locks, the new v8 LIFT CROSS 2R is prepared for the most difficult alpine climbs.

Like the new LIFT skikes, the new heel-lift system, micro shock absorbers, and a long wheelbase guarantee riding enjoyment that comes closer to ski skating than any roller ski.

The Skike v8 LIFT CROSS 2R is built on a two-part frame with permanent heel lift function and a longer wheelbase that FIX skikes (40 mm, total length 540 mm), and thus offers a much smoother run.

The handling of this Nordic skate approaches the cross-country skiing… skating style.

New wheels and bearings, improved reverse locks including new lock bearings and new shaft and spline hub (splined hub), stronger belts fixed with a stopper, improved quick release brake that increases the grip with high-quality clamping elements.

Product description


New LIFT long frame:

Light, strong and with several individual setting options – a Cross Skate of the superlatives. Skike v8 LIFT SPEED is constructed on a two-part frame with permanent heel LIFT function and a measurably longer wheelbase (+ 40 mm = 540 mm), and thus offers a much smoother run. The handling of this Nordic skate approaches more than ever before on the cross-country skiing - skating style. New wheels and bearings, new shaft and spline hub, new straps, fixed with a stopper, improved quick release also a brake- and calf shell that increase grip with high-quality clamping elements. 


The LIFT construction:

All frame and outrigger units are made of the same specially-designed Skike aircraft aluminum. By specific arrangement of production processes, a stress-and-crack-free finish is obtained to absorb above-average loads. This unique construction ensures minimal weight and a safe and worry-free use, with unrestricted riding pleasure. This new and thinner double frame provides, despite of its 4 cm longer wheelbase, has the same stability and load capacity of the legendary v7 PLUS. The heel-lift plate for the heel lift system is connected to the frame through our proven bearing and guarantees ease of motion of the ankle as well as in the LIFT function.



The soft and smooth straps on the calf and foot, made of highly elastic and high strength nylon material, guarantee a perfect fit of every shoe on the Skike.



All Skike brake system, whether brass, aluminum or aluminum black, stand for greatest possible safety in the field and on the road. With a few simple and easy steps, the braking strength can be adjusted for short and rapid braking as well as for greater clearance before the brake grips.



The new 6,25 inch rim, made of highly durable plastic, is the core of this special wheel. The wheel is designed for a new reverse lock system with double locking performance, especially created for this rim. I addition there is a lockable tube and the reliable Road Star tire. The locking of the tube guarantees a correct and pinpoint fit on the rim. No more damages caused by false positioning.

Splashproof ball bearings, 6901 2RS, industrial quality with cylindrical bearing bushes guarantee absolute durable use. For operating of reverse locks the same bearing is used. A new designed spline-nut (as well as a lock bearing, HF 12/16) securea the reverse run of the wheel with double holding force.

Technical Details

• Leisure, tennis or outdoor shoes

• Wheel diameter : 150 mm (CROSS)

• Bearings: ABEG5 6901 2RS in industrial quality

• Wheelbase : 540mm

• Weight : about 2 kg per skike

• Light weight aluminum 2-piece frame

• Adjustable patented X / O leg compensation

• Effective patented brakes on both skikes

• Officially confirmed deceleration values of more than 6.5 m/s

• German TÜV approved until 120kg body weight