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THE skike for everyone thanks to the skike MULTI Technology

Ideal for both beginners and advanced skaters

The v8 TOUR is an all terrain heel lift skate equipped with the skike MULTI Technology. It‘s the perfect choice to go on tours since this technology automatically adjusts the skate according to your preferred driving style. No matter what you choose - skating or a classic ride - the skikes will ‘follow‘ your decision without any additional adjustments. This will save a lot of energy and effort and you can fully enjoy every moment of your nordic tour.

Even for beginners this model is first choice because the MULTI Technology offers additional safety and does not need the usual preconditions like fitness, sportiness or stamina at all. A ride on the v8 TOUR is the easiest thing to do : Just buckle up, adjust und start rolling. 


The brand new skike v8 TOUR – the world´s only Cross skate with Multifunction-Technology. The v8 TOUR offers 3 different functions with just one model:
- Skating 
- Classic Style 
- Touring 

This new skike model is suitable even for skike newcomer because it provides additional safety and does not take any special requirements regarding condition and fitness. A ride on the v8 TOUR is the easiest thing to do - not even a basic class is necessary. You just buckle up, adjust and start rolling.

Product description


Using these skikes, Nordic walkers just can keep the way they use to walk - but even more gentle to their ankles. With its 2 reverse locks at the front wheels, the skike v8 TOUR is a specialist for easy uphill rides.

No matter if skating or the classic style, the v8 TOUR makes it all possible yet without any further adjustments. The perfect sports device for plain lands or for tours in mountainous areas. 



• Mobile with leisure, tennis or outdoor shoes
• Shoe sizes : 36 - 47, adjustable heel strap
• Wheel diameter : 150 mm (CROSS wheels)
• Bearings: ABEC7 6901 2RS in industrial quality
• Wheelbase : 540mm
• Weight : 2669 g per skike
• Light weight aluminum 2-piece frame
• Adjustable patented X / O leg compensation
• Effective patented brakes on both skikes
• Officially confirmed deceleration values of more than 6.5 m/s²
• Heel Lift Function - skike MULTI Technology
• Extended, adjustable calf mold height

Fitting wheels and tires 
• CROSS : 6.25 Inch Road Star 107 PSI, 7.5 BAR
• CROSS : 6.25 Inch Road Star 107 PSI, 7.5 BAR with reverse locks