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Ambassadors are passionate skikers that want to share their experience with the Skike community. Feel free to connect with them. They are always available for giving advices, and can help with training.

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State: New Jersey ana Pennsylvania

Area: Delaware Valley

Hello!  Personal trainers Gary and Carman Scavette welcome you to Delaware Valley Fitness your nordic cross skating headquarters serving New Jersey, Delaware, and Southeast Pennsylvania. At Delaware Valley Fitness you can choose from a large selection of nordic cross skating products, try before you buy, and attend nordic cross skating gatherings and instructional clinics.  We use the products we sell and we love nordic cross skating!

You can call us at 609-202-2609 or contact us here:



State: Texas

City: San Antonio and Austin

Hello, my name is Philipp and I'm your Skike trainer. I was born and grew up in a small Siberian town in Russia named Kodinsk. Surrounded by snow seven months out of the year, I spent all my childhood and youth years cross-country skiing.

You can call me at (210) 317 7756 to email me at

Check out my page here.


State: Colorado

City: Denver, Colorado

Hello! My name is Sam Shusterman. I am a runner from 800m to marathon, 37 years in running competitive. I do a lot of biking and skiking, especially around Mount Evans in Colorado. My latest passion is Skiking, this is an exiting new sport for me for about a year, it’s a good endurance and upper body complementary exercise, additionally it serves as cross workout so it lets me to recover from interval workouts on bike or running.

You can call me at 303-332-8371 or email me!